SOLD!! Lefty ZZ Ryder MJ3

SOLD!! Lefty ZZ Ryder MJ3

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THIS is the hot little number that found her a new home in the great state of Georgia!!

LEFTY Mary Jane 3

Don't let this little guitar fool you! She is a BEAST! 

With two quad rail pups, and a mid dual rail pup, this axe is built to brutalize. 
The Vol push/pull activates the middle pup, and the Tone push/pull is a coil tap. 
Sound is clean, and will definitely drive your amp to "face melt" zone. Distortion is pure nasty. 

The stock pups are very cool, and the only upgrades were Wilkinson tuners and new strings. (Of course, like all of them, fretboard oiled and body polished).

Short on stature, heavy on metal sound, and a pure delight to play.

When I get a guitar, the mad scientist in me wants to dig in and upgrade. But I have to let the guitar speak to me. And this one speaks well with just a great cleaning and some fresh strings. Can we upgrade this? You bet. Should we? I'm thinking no...