Zack's Baritone

Zack's Baritone

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Zack owned a Squier VI short scale bass. Being that he's more of a guitar than bass player, he need higher notes! When he asked about the feasibility of converting is VI into a baritone guitar... well.... why not??

First, what's it going to sound like? I wanted to give him plenty of options in this unique baritone package.

We went with a DiMarzio Blue Velvet in the neck, a Wilkinson Hot P-90 in the mid, and a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom with a Triple Shot in the bridge.

Fender standard tuners were replaced with locking Fender tuners to "hang on" to the high B string! A 30" scale baritone challenges the high B string's length!

Full size Bourns pots and an Orange Drop cap make sure we get a clear response from the strings.

If you're ever in KC, go listen to Zack and his band Underwater High!