Richard's EBM-5, I call it a "banj-itar"!

Richard's EBM-5, I call it a "banj-itar"!

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My brother-in-law tells me a guy has something that's "not quite a banjo, but not quite a guitar" that he needs worked on. "What's wrong with it?" Bob says, "he says he can't get any sound out of it"... I figure that's the price you pay for messin' with mother nature like that!

But I found a challenge I really enjoyed. For the record, it's not as Frankenstein-ish as it sounds. The banjo head, neck and strings give her that banjo twang. The hollowed out body, 2 pickups, 3 way switch, 2V and 1T give her the guitar controls.

The challenge was first replacing subpar components with quality electronics and pickups. The biggest issue was how to get a magnet and wire coil (pickup) to actually transmit a metal string vibration. Kinda' hard sitting and inch and a half from the strings... under a banjo head!

So we just did a "KJug-ectomy" of the banjo head, mounted a nice tele rails bridge pup right under the head, and glued her down to maintain the banjo head integrity.

NOW you can here her... AND she sounds good!!

Thanks Richard! I appreciate the opportunity my friend!