SOLD!! Mean Semi Hollow Body Machine

SOLD!! Mean Semi Hollow Body Machine

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Welcome to sonic madness and unique appearance in one guitar. With a Gibson Dirty Fingers in the bridge, and a Wilkinson Hot Coils bucker in the neck, you will not run out of massive tone in any venue!

Low volume has great clarity and tone as well. Throw some dirt into the signal and you've got a mean six string face melting machine!

Leland played as a studio guitarist in Nashville for a few decades, and when he plugged her in and played it, his first response was "she's hot!". I asked him to tell me what I should do to improve her sound, and he replied "nothing". That's good enough for me!

War wound disclosure: Someone cut out the back to do a 3 way switch change in her past... ouch. That's why you see the cover.