KJug Custom Guitars Shop

KJug Custom Guitars Shop

$1,500.00 $0.00
Call me and we'll talk color selection. 757-214-2826
Minimum $1500. See "upgrades" and "originals" for more economical options.
Describe type wood, radius, number of frets, fret board material.
Type Bridge, Tuners, knobs and strap buttons.

Welcome to KJug Custom Shop. This is where you "get what you want" in a guitar. Select from the options provided to give me a baseline idea of what you want to see, hear, feel and play.

My goal is to create a guitar that you can't wait to own and play, and to know you saved thousands of dollars having me build it for you.

Before you plunk down the first penny, we'll have spoken/emailed/texted enough so that I know what materials to get started with. Throughout the process, I'll check on our communication to make sure I'm on track.

This is not a "Here's a picture, build me a clone replica of guitar X" process. My guitars are hand built, they have their own character, and are unique. If you want a thick polyester finished, carbon copy guitar, they have plenty online and in the big box stores. Get one of those and I'll upgrade it for you so it sounds good!

My first choice in pickups is "Dominger Pickups". Hand wound, scatter wound, and individually selected. You'll be hard pressed to find more attack, tone, upper through lower clarity and clean sound in another pickup. Ultimately, you (and your wallet) decide what goes in your guitar. If you have pickups you want me to install, I will be glad to. Rarely will you be able to get more value, tone, and good looks than you get from Joce Dominger's Pickups, but your welcome to try!