SOLD!! Delta King Black Phat Cat

SOLD!! Delta King Black Phat Cat

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!! SOLD !! 

Jeremy is the proud new owner of this little blues machine!

I've always thought the ES-335 look and sound are unique to many different guitarists and genres. The copies made globally give everyone a chance to play with that quality in their arsenal.

Here is a OE-30 from Washburn/Oscar Schmidt that represents as well as any copy out there!

Of course, the stock humbuckers left something to be desired... and that's when a pair of Seymour Duncan Phat Cats landed in my lap!

Grover tuners are stock on this girl, and the bridge holds nicely. Gone are the mini pots, mini caps and circuit board switch.

Upgraded are the Phat Cat P-90's, Bourns pots, Orange Drop caps, Ernie Ball 10-46's, and a mechanical 3 way switch.

What better than a Delta King with howlin' P-90's to express your misery! If your an old blues man, or just have one living in your soul, then this is your guitar! 

War wounds disclosure: I've cleaned her up pretty well. There are numerous scratches on the body, a small chip on the body and headstock (see photos). A small dent on the fret board that does not affect playability. This guitar has definitely lived life getting played!