Customized Washburn Billy T 6 string electric guitar

Customized Washburn Billy T 6 string electric guitar

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This Washburn Billy T has been customized to take advantage of some of the best pickups on earth. As with all KJug Guitars Upgrades, this one gets a full size Bourns A500K pot and a mechanical 3 way toggle switch.

The neck pickup is a Bare Knuckles Abraxas. An overwound vintage sounding alnico IV pup with great midrange and low end. It's like an SD SH2 on steroids in the neck.

The bridge pup is a War by Dominger Custom Pickups. The Dominger Raw is a maniac of a bridge pickup with tons of output and excellent attack. It cleans up very well at low clean volume, and is vicious and aggressive at high volume and distortion.

A shredder guitar of simplicity, this guitar was built with a single volume knob and a 3 way switch, period. The Floyd Rose bridge and Grover Tuners are premiere components as well. This is a well made guitar!

For variety, I added an on/on/on switch to get additional split and parallel sound out of the Abraxas. I used the slug side to get a softer tone. All three positions blend well with the Raw when the 3 way switch is in the middle position.