Lefty AXL Badwater, with a 'Select' twist!

Lefty AXL Badwater, with a 'Select' twist!

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Here's a little lefty AXL strat that got a huge boost in life with a Fender Select electronics and pups pack. Yeah, that'll bring any little strat to life!

AXL made several of the "Badwater" type finishes. All were pretty simple, yet gave a rustic or worn appearance. I liked the simple and rustic look of this one. And you can't go wrong with the sound from a Fender Select Strat!

 Get a great tried and true sound in a cool, rough vibe. 

Note: KJug Guitars is in no way affiliated with Fender guitars or any portion of the Fender company/name/logo. The package installed here was purchased from a reputable and online Fender parts dealer.