Clark Byron, Professional Guitarist

Latest in the stable - "Pre-KJug'ed"

This Dean single cutaway will end up with P90/P100 pups, roller bridge, and Zero fret nut. As always, new pots/caps/switch.


Clark Byron Signature Model LP. Roller bridge, Zero fret nut, personal Ovation tuners, Seymour Duncan Distortion and Jazz pups, new electronics, silver/abalone knobs (not shown).

My new friend in Kansas City, MO, Ken Jenkins, has this cool small business. He finds electric guitars that are well made but not pricey, and he restores and/or upgrades them. If you're a player that must have an expensive, big-name trademark on your headstock, you probably wouldn't be interested. (I outgrew that nonsense years ago. I am an excellent player with over 40 years of professional experience, and I have long ago stopped spending money on brand names. I love great guitars. I hate overpriced ones - it ain't what you play, it's how well you play it and how much you enjoy it.) But, I digress.

Anyway, Ken Jenkins owns KJug Guitars and his merchandise is sweet and priced right. If you're hunting for a new axe, you'll be glad you found this page at - especially if you play lefty. Ken is a lefty picker and he takes good care of his fellow southpaws.

Righty or lefty, Ken does great work. He's wise in his choices of upgrades that drive the quality up and keep the cost down. He also builds great electric guitars at very reasonable prices and he can upgrade your guitar to your specifications, too.

I love my ZZ Ryder MJ-III double-cutaway solid body (pictured), with a Tele-style five-saddle bridge, sporting two quad-rail pickups (neck & bridge) and a dual rail in between. These pickups are so hot, I'm surprised the strings don't stick to them! What's more, the volume and tone knobs are also tap switches, which gives the three-way toggle switch double the versatility. It has excellent Wilkinson tuners that rival Grovers and Schallers in every way. The solid rock maple neck and solid basswood body are second to none, and the shape and contour of the body beats the ho-hum standard ones, hands down.

Ken showed me a photo of a blue tiger stripe LP style that had my name written all over it! Not in the beginning, but it does now! 

We discussed what I thought would make an excellent guitar, and with Ken's insights, I have a Les Paul style guitar that makes Gibby owners jealous.

Ken has some great pieces for sale and is always on the prowl for fine instruments that he can make even finer, and then pass them on to his loyal customer base at a fraction of the cost of the overpriced, overhyped big name brands.

If you have the itch and the scratch (and the spouse) to allow you to spend thousands on an electric guitar, be my guest - impress yourself. But if you just want a really great guitar at a really great price, and maybe even something unique, meet my friend, Ken Jenkins, owner of KJug Guitars.